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Keep your physical and mental health up

Dear Friend,

How are you?

I hope you are keeping yourself well and safe.

I don't know you, but in the last weeks, I have felt like going crazy.I have lost sense of time: Wednesday and Sundays have no difference, and I want to be real with you, I have experienced a lot of grief and anger.

Grief can take many forms. We don't have to lose someone in order to feel it. It can be the loss of a job, the loss of our freedom, the loss of connection, and many more subtle losses. 

Experiencing strong emotions, whether those being fear, anxiety, grief, anger, etc, is absolutely a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. The issue is then not really that we feel those emotions. They have an important function for our survival. The issue, for some of us, resides in the fact that these emotions can be overwhelming; they take over our ability to function, to make clear decisions, to breath, to sleep and might also impact the people we live with and love.

So I would like to share with you some tips and resources I have collected during the years as a support for my wellbeing and during these last weeks. Resource that keep my mind sane and my body healthy. People are being so generous, and offering so many different opportunity to stay connected, so please check them out!

I have also put together a series of videos that will help you in gaining some tools to calm your nervous system, ground, release emotions and create more space within yourself.

DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:aqh5jBeloved one


Breath your anxiety away

Shaking it out

Roll and ground

Awaken the body

Guided meditation


These practices and resources are of different types; none of us is the same as we process things in different ways. So you might want to try them all and notice which one(s) works best for you. I, myself, like to float in between them, depending on what is happening in my life. What I highly recommend you to is to keep the practice up every day, even if it is only for 2 or 3 minutes. On the long term, I promise, you will notice the difference.

Here is the first video, breath your anxiety away. It is about 8 minutes, it doesn't require any yogic experience, and you can do as much or little as you want. As you will probably tell is a "homemade" video, and as much as I had so much fun in doing them, you'll have yo forgive me, they are FAAAAAAAAR from being professional. :=)

Let me know how you go!

I look very forward to hearing from you,

With so much love and gratitude for you all,


Link to resources page:

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