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I highly recommend Irene! I am feeling so incredibly relaxed and nurtured after my Kahuna massage yesterday. Irene came highly recommended from someone who's opinion I trust and the treatment still far exceeded my expectations. She has great hands, amazing technique, intuition and offers very deep and authentic healing beyond anything that can be explained in a review. Definitely one of the best massages I have had and I can tell that it will have lasting results. She also creates a beautiful sanctuary to hold the session. I enjoyed it all so much and am very grateful to have found her and be able to recommend someone so highly. Thank you Irene.

Nicole Catherine Fantl - 15th of March 2017

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On a recommendation I had my first ever KaHuna massage with the amazing Irene . I have never had a massage like it and would encourage anyone who wants a total mind and body experience in beautiful and serene surrounds to visit her. 

Sharon Harrison - 13th of March 2017

KaHuna was a total discover for me. I met Irene and her KaHuna Temple at Luminate Festival in NZ. This therapy goes beyond a massage. It goes deeper, it helped me release some really profound emotions... pains that I wasn't even aware were there and that I would face them on those 90 min.
(I totally recommend to go and see her for 90+ min. )
What she asks in return is not even 1/10 of what it's really worth! It goes beyond that... Is priceless.
I felt I went through a journey... A personal path from being "ok" to being totally connect to myself, embraced by the ocean's waves.
My gratitude to her and this amazing technique <3 that open my eyes and heart in a way I only experienced before by practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Dani Fuenzalida - 8th o fMarch 2017

Amazing massage in an amazing place from an amazing person... just perfect!!! Well done Irene... wish u all the best !!                                  Simone Manfredi - 6th of March 2017

'My mission is to serve and journey with the client into the path that need to be taken, respecftully and in loving harmony.'

Irene's massage was like entering into a space of BLISS for one hour! I really loved it and would recommend to anyone who needs so "me-time" to relax and release and dive deep into this relaxed state. Love you Irene!!

Efrat Wolfson - 20th December 2016

I just loved it.
It's a totally different experience of massage, Irene was amazing as well as the place: peaceful and beautiful. I definitely recommend it                
Matteo Caste - 20th December 2017

This was my first Kahuna massage and definitely not the last. :-) From my experience, if you are looking for a hour (even two) journey along body and spirit, this is what you need! Irene is simply an amazing "colorful" soul, and you can feel her energy immediately, she loves what she does and makes you feel comfortable and welcome in her space, Kahuna Temple is a magical place!
Looking forward to experience again kahuna massage and "losing" my mind in a beautiful journey!

Simona Scimò - 2nd of November 2016

The Kahuna temple comes very highly recommended! Irene provides an amazing professional massage in a beautiful serene environment. It is both a therapeutic and spiritual experience. Thoroughly enjoyable, thank you so so much.            

Geoffrey Jhon Knap - 31st of October  2016

I took my boyfriend along last Sunday afternoon for our introduction into kahuna massage and boy was it worth it! We each had a 45 min session and was taken on a loving journey with our bodies. Irene has a wonderful way of allowing you to relax into yourself and enjoy the touch of another as a gift to yourself. What we both loved most, among many other things is that her hands are always on you, no matter if she needs to move around the massage table or get some more oil. It really helps you stay connected to the practice and allow yourself to delve deeper as well as feeling the complete flow of your massage. She is gentle yet deliciously firm when it is called for. We can't wait to book our next session and explore her amazing talents!!

Michaela Maree - 31st August 2016

If you're in need of some healing touch , nurturing and relaxation. Irene will take loving care of you and leave you feeling amazing and rejuvenated. GIve yourself a treat and experience one of her Kahuna Massages

Seth Lawrence - 26st August 2016

Wow!!! What an awesome massage. Irene has really connected with her calling to help people heal through her knowledge and practise of Kahuna massage. The Kahuna Temple has an energetic healing feeling of a sacred space. I came out feeling a sense of rejuvenation in mind body and soul. I will definitely be going again.

Stephen Brown - 22nd of June 2016

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