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Irene Quintavalle

Kahuna Temple is the loving result of a seven years journey, which started with the simple, and yet not easy, decision, to dive deep within mySelf.


In the search of who I am, and of my purpose in life, I came across different modalities and understandings that have supported my emotional and spiritual evolution, and that has certainly impacted me deeply.

The simplicity of it all was shocking. These tools are not only accessible but they are within everyone:


Touch, connection, movement, presence, stillness, body wisdom.


And the key that moved me into that space was self-responsability.

What I found when I had the courage to step into was:


Acceptance, Love, Compassion, Connection, Trust.

It is amazing how our bodies are magnificent vessels for our Soul, and how touch is a gate to the heart.


I started my journey with yoga in 2011, studied reiki, Thai massage, shiatsu, lomi lomi and kahuna bodywork over the last decade, and continue deepening my studies, and my curiosity of the body-mind connection through different modality as Yoga, Non-Linear Movement® and Integrative Psychotherapy.


As I keep moving, discovering and exploring with courage this mysterious life, I have a strong desire to be in support of your unique journey. 


I trust in the wisdom of the body, in the power of the heart and in the capacity that oneself has to heal.
In my sessions I aim to support the client in coming back in connection with Self. I work gently with each client, allowing each process to unfold as. I offer a unique space of presence, love and nurturing.


2020: 20hrs of training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI Yoga Program
2019-2021: Bachelor Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy - IKON Institute

2018: Emotional Anatomy Consultant - Soulspace Brisbane

2018: Heartwork Lomi Lomi - Carita Wong

2017-2018: Diploma of Remedial - Australian College of Eastern Medicine

2017: 800hours - Byron Yoga Centre - Cert IV

2015-2018: Kahuna Lev 1-6 - Mette Institute

2013: 50 hours - Thai Massage - Agama Yoga

2013: Reiki Master

2013: Yoga Teacher Training - Rishikesh Yogapeeth - 500hours RYT - Yoga Alliance



"Irene has the hands and spirit of angel. Her touch is intuitive and healing and she is a highly skilled massage practitioner.

I would highly recommend to all."



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