Kahuna is an ancient technique that has its origins in the South Pacific Islands.

In Hawaiian Kahuna means "wise man", and in North America, it is known as "the person in charge".


In Ancient times Kahuna Bodywork was performed in the healing temples by Kahuna priests.

These were sacred and formal rituals, offered as ‘rites of passage’ to key members of the community and young adults, in order to develop a strong sense of social and family responsibility with expanded awareness and spiritual empowerment.


Nowadays Kahuna Bodywork is used as a profound way to support the release traumas and pain from the body, to completely relax the mind, the body, and to support the client in coming back into a space of centredness.

Irene combines different techniques such as Remedial, Lomi Lomi, and Thai massage, to accommodate the client's needs. She believes that through presence, nurturing and loving touch, the body finds its own safe space to let go and find its balance.


Deep Tissue

Deep Relaxation

Pregnancy Massage

Emotional support

A very unique massage, a deeply therapeutic treatment that relaxes your mind, body and soul, bringing balance and harmony between them.

It has amazing effects at many different levels:

  • it flushes out the toxins

  • treats the lymphatic system​

  • improves circulation and sleep ​

  • It is also very effective when experiencing grief, stress, loneliness, anxiety, or any emotional distress

  • when in need to slow down,

  • or simply because YOU DESERVE IT!


Irene is a beautiful therapist, who always takes you through an incredible experience. I have really felt so many shifts with Irene in her Kahuna massages and always felt very supported and nurtured and a lot of help with releasing any blockages and uncovering breakthroughs!
She is so amazing, and I always feel centred,

restored and transformed after each session!
I highly recommend Irene, she is a powerful healer and a beautiful soul

Daniela Schmutz



60 minutes

$60 Financial crisis
$90 Low wage
$140 Full price

75 minutes

$160 each

90 minutes


$185 each

2 hours

$245 each

These special prices are to support you in coming out from these difficult times.  Touch, nurture, support is so essential. I please ask you to respect others and myself, so if you are in a place to pay for full price, it will help to cover for those that are truly experiencing difficulties.


In every session I use:
- Cold-pressed almond oil*

- Lavander essential oil


With the 90min and 2hrs treatments, you will also get a nourishing heart massage
- Sheman Alchemy Oils (with 24k gold and Australian desert flowers)

*If any allergies to almonds, please advise
prior to the session.

3 sessions*

90min each



(save $50)

Weekly massages have been shown* to reduce the levels of stress hormones cortisol while increasing the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine.

With this incredible package, Irene supports and invites you to look after yourself
and to feel the benefits of self-love in your everyday life.

Tiffany Field, Maria Hernandez-Reif & Miguel Diego, Touch *Reasearch Institute University of Miami School of Medicine, Miami, Florida, USA.


*In order to feel the benefits of a weekly massage, the

3 sessions will need to be received within 30 days

Deluxe service is not included in the Melbourne Special.

Each session is custom tailored to meet your own unique needs and preferences.


Irene welcomes all of yourself, with warmth, compassion and kindness.




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