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Irene Quintavalle

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I want to share few words of gratitude, to the people that have made this journey, this little and loving creation of mine, Kahuna Temple, possible. Without their trust, their support, their offerings, and love I wouldn't be where I am and who I am today.


I want to start with giving my immense gratitude to my teachers:

The 2013 team at the Rishikesh Yog Peeth team, with special love for Roshan, our incredible anatomy and phylosophy teacher, who walked by my side, with a smile, in my quest for forgiveness and compassion. Jitendra and Nareendra Gusain our sadhana teachers who held incredible space for us to learn, to experience, to fall into our breath and our body, and for me, to fall in love with myself (now founders of the Anadi Yoga Centre).


To beloved Mette Soreson, founder of the Mette's Institute, High Spirits Retreat, for opening her arms and heart and gifting all of us of an incredible place for learning, healing, and connection. Her creativity, joy of life and capacity to put together depth, fun, inner world and outware world is a constant inspiration to my Soul. I have learnt the art of Kahuna Bodywork through her school, and the exquisite people in her teams.

Within the incredible beings who have facilitaded the many levels at High Spirits, I want to take a deep breath into my heart and out to Carita Wong and Miles Sanderson. Being seen is such a powerful experience, and these two teachers, exquisite bodyworkers and wholhearted humans, have made my path into the art of Kahuna a powerful journey into love. May you guys keep touching the heart of many, as you have touched my heart.

To Michaela Boehm and Steve James, through whom I am learning the art of embodiment, presence, and slowing down the nervous system, with exquisite fun and delighted curiosity.

To my teachers at Ikon, and mostly, to my beloved psychologist, without whom I couldn't have made sense of the absurdity of this world and life.


And pausing a moment to be grateful to my blood family:


I want to aknowledge my parents, my dear grandmother and auntie. I often shook their world with my constant changes; another country, another job, another relationship. My personal journey in discovering who I am has certainly been both a selfless and selfhish journey. It hasn't always been easy, for them nor for me. I am grateful for their support, especially when given without understanding what the hell I was doing. 


And finally, I want to give thnaks to my extended family:


I have taken many trains, and in the journeys, I found people that sat in the same wagon of mine, sometime for a long while, sometimes a short one. I want to give thanks to those friends that have entered that door, and decided to walk with me. They became my family, the one we get the chance to choose, and no matter the distance and time that separate us, I feel them close, each step I make. They believed in me, they saw beyond the surface of appearance, they laughted with me, and also certainly cried with me. They shared their hearts, and I shared mine with them, as we held a loving space for each other. Friends are such a wonderful gift in every human's path.

And I want to name them all (in alphabetical order, as I could not choose who would have gone first):

Andrea Falletta, Cedric Mimouni, Danielle Coleman, Danielle Wolley, Elisa Caro, Elky Graham, Francesca Ebel-Sweett, Irene Gene, Isabel Lamar, Jackie Wallin, Laurianne Bouyer, Mackayla Chalmers, Shian Love, Sonia Cavenago. Grazie cari amici, my life with you has certainly been filled with love, joy, fun, depth and wisdom.

To the one that supported my work by gifting me with these incredible images.
This Wild Soul Photography

Aly Stweart Photography

Andrea Falletta Photography


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